About Us

 "We’re on a mission to help light up your life!"

It all started many moons ago during the Halloween season when our group of friends was brainstorming on what kind of costumes we should wear for the coming party. After someone slipped the word “shine” we instantly knew they hit the mark: it just felt too convenient, and with that we decided to wear something that would light up the party!

As the big luminosity enthusiasts, we now sell everything that glows and reflects the light! We offer fashionable everyday clothes, as well as accessories and other goods for pets, sports and safety gear etc, because the light is more than just clothing for raving.

Testing a new model at a summer festival.
Beautiful girls wearing our clothes at the festival; it’s nice to receive such photos from you!
"Best music festival I've ever been to!"

As time went by it was becoming clear that the idea of dedicating ourselves to something where fashion would meet visibility was more than just a one-off thing, and we dove into the sea of stylish reflective clothing, be it for a private party within a small group of friends, an active night out, or a big festival.

Nels Schuster Jr. - founder of the store. Testing a new model of a sports jacket for reflective strength.

Every big road has its bumps and turns, but it is what makes any adventure more thrilling and exciting: after all the years of stumbling upon many challenges, we are here to help you shine!

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